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Gundam Evolution

Gundam Evolution Review: A Quest f0r Mech Mastery but Lacks Excitement

Introduction Gundam Evolution

The anticipation of piloting a Gundam in Gundam Evolution was met with both excitement and disappointment. As I delved into the game, my dreams of engaging in epic battles, shooting down opponents, and relishing a Gundam-filled summer felt more like a far-fetched fantasy. This detailed review aims to explore the mechanics, gameplay, and overall experience of Gundam Evolution, shedding light on its strengths and weaknesses.

A Tutorial and Promising Start

Gundam Evolution begins with a helpful tutorial that introduces players to the game’s mechanics, including shooting controls, mobility, and environmental interactions. This initial phase helps players get accustomed to the gameplay, setting the stage for the subsequent challenges that await.

Iconic Gundams and Lack of Character Depth

The ability to select fan-favorite Gundams, such as Barbatos from MSG: Iron-Blooded Orphans or the classic RX-78-2 from the original Mobile Suit Gundam series, initially sparks excitement. However, the game lacks the charm and depth found in other similar games like Overwatch, where characters are well-developed with unique backgrounds and personalities. In Gundam Evolution, the characters are essentially mobile suits, and without strong connections to their pilots, the emotional engagement falls short, leaving only die-hard Gundam fans truly invested.

Dull Environments and Average Gameplay

The mission maps in Gundam Evolution are military bases with oddly scaled objects, which can be amusing at first but quickly lose their charm. The overall lack of vibrancy and color renders the environments mundane and uninteresting. The shooting and movement mechanics feel average, lacking the precision and fluidity found in more polished games. While the variety of gadgets tied to each Gundam adds some fun during combat, the primary firearms fail to captivate, resulting in an underwhelming gaming experience.

Lack of Character Depth

However, once the initial charm is gone, I can’t help but make the obvious comparison between this game and similar examples of the same genre such as (yes, you guessed it) Overwatch. Where the latter presents its charm and overall vibes through the characters introduced in it, their background, and how they differ from each other in personality, you don’t have the chance to see that here. Since the characters here are just mobile suits with pilots only occasionally showing up in voice-over lines, you can’t connect with them unless you’re already a fan of the multiple Gundam anime series.

Unbalanced Gundams and Lack of Defined Roles

One would expect that each Gundam’s unique abilities, such as transforming into airships, healing teammates, or deploying land mines and turrets, would serve distinct roles within the team. Regrettably, the game lacks defined roles and categorization among the playable characters. This oversight makes team composition challenging, often leading to unbalanced teams and frustrating gameplay moments. The focus on aesthetics over functionality compromises the game’s competitive integrity and hinders strategic gameplay.

Gundam Evolution offers players the chance to step into the shoes of iconic Mobile Suits from the Gundam universe, eliciting nostalgia and joy among dedicated fans. However, the game falls short of its potential, failing to distinguish itself from other games in the genre, particularly when compared to the successful formula of Overwatch. While it may provide temporary enjoyment for Gundam enthusiasts, Gundam Evolution ultimately lacks the depth and polish needed to leave a lasting impression.

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