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Crusader Kings 3

Unveiling Crusader Kings 3: Royal Court – Opulence with Consequences – Review

Introduction to Crusader Kings 3

Crusader Kings 3: Royal Court is an exceptional first expansion that adds a new dimension to the beloved Crusader Kings series. With a focus on the immersive throne room and a host of other exciting features, this expansion enriches the gameplay experience for players. In this article, we’ll delve into the key aspects of Royal Court and explore the ways it enhances the already engrossing world of Crusader Kings 3.

The Immersive Throne Room: Holding Court in Grandeur

The centerpiece of the Royal Court expansion is the immersive throne room, where players, as their current character, will preside over court matters, display artifacts, and make decisions that will impact their family and courtiers. Paradox has crafted this new feature with great care, making it engaging and cinematic. As you navigate the court, presented with dilemmas to resolve, the camera movement adds a sense of realism, turning courtiers and petitioners into more than mere AI-controlled portraits. The attention to detail in the throne room offers a more realistic and captivating tableau compared to event pictures, encouraging players to read and ponder their choices carefully.

The Marvels of Artifacts: From Sponsorship to Adventure

Artifacts, making a welcome return from Crusader Kings 2, are vastly improved in Royal Court. Players can obtain these precious items through sponsoring inspired courtiers or hiring skilled craftspeople. The quality of the artifacts depends on an event chain, involving skill checks and random chance, synonymous with the satisfying frustration that Crusader Kings fans know and love. Some artifact events even lead to thrilling adventures, where the choices you make directly impact the fate of relic-hunters. Despite their brilliance, one can’t help but wish for character models to display these treasured items for a more visually immersive experience.

The Pursuit of Grandeur: Enhancing Courtly Life

Royal Court introduces the concept of grandeur levels, reflecting the opulence and prestige of your court. As you invest more in maintaining the comfort and luxury of your courtiers, the grandeur level increases, unlocking various benefits based on your court’s type. These benefits can range from improved chances of imprisoning enemies to larger levies. While this addition enhances gameplay mechanics, it could have been more impactful with visible, tangible representations of higher grandeur levels.

Culture Reform and Hybridization: Redefining Traditions

A hyped-up feature of the expansion is culture reform and hybridization, which bears similarities to existing religion mechanics. Spending prestige allows you to change the pillars and traditions of your culture, shaping its identity. Events can influence these cultural traditions, offering a more dynamic and relevant system than religion. The ability to diverge or hybridize a culture adds further depth and roleplay potential to Crusader Kings 3, making it a valuable addition for those who enjoy immersive storytelling.

Roleplaying and Court Drama: A Focus on Immersion

Royal Court excels in enhancing the roleplaying aspect of Crusader Kings 3. The expansion presents players with countless opportunities to engage with their characters and courtiers emotionally. Personal experiences, such as the heartwarming relationship with a court jester daughter, or the misadventures of a court musician, breathe life into the gameplay. While the court scenes may lack some visual dynamism and have minor immersion-breaking issues, they provide a refreshing break from the traditional map-centric view.


Crusader Kings 3: Royal Court is a well-crafted expansion that adds depth and excitement to the Crusader Kings 3experience. The immersive throne room, the alluring artifacts, and the cultural reforms enrich the gameplay, offering new ways to engage with your dynasty and court. While the cost may be a deterrent to some, the improvements to the game’s longevity and enjoyment make it a worthwhile investment for devoted Crusader Kings fans.

By focusing on enhancing the roleplaying aspect and expanding the courtly experience, Royal Court manages to leave a lasting impression, ensuring players feel the exclusion of this expansion. Whether you’re a seasoned monarch or a noble ruler just beginning your reign, Royal Court invites you to embrace the grandeur of medieval power in all its splendor.

Disclaimer: This review is based on the PC version of Crusader Kings 3: Royal Court, provided by the publisher.

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