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Void Terrarium

Void Terrarium 2 Review – Adorable, Dark, And Delightfully Weird

I think I just found my new favorite roguelite “Void Terrarium”. I recently found myself in an unfamiliar predicament. I wanted to review a game I wasn’t convinced I’d excel at. If my past attempts at roguelites have taught me anything, it’s that I’m pretty terrible at them. Remember when everyone was raving about Hades? I tried and failed miserably. Many, many times. Despite this, my curiosity got the better of me, and that’s how I found myself playing Void Terrarium 2 – or, to give it its full name for this one time and one time only, void* tRrLM2(); //Void Terrarium 2.

Crafting the Terrarium – A Spectacular Hurdle

I crapped out in spectacular fashion at the first real hurdle – crafting the terrarium. I had to navigate through two areas, each with multiple floors, to find a specific crafting ingredient. Every time you head out, Robbie, the little robot you control, starts at level one again. You don’t retain any skills, weapons, or items from each failed run. Any items you were carrying get automatically juiced down into pure resources each time you return to Toriko, except for a few inventory slots reserved for food.

Charm and Challenge in the Void Terrarium

The first zone was easy enough, and I learned to explore each level thoroughly to stock up on items and kill everything in sight. It’s entirely random which items you come across, and if you’re unlucky, you can end up with no restorative items at all, making it nearly impossible to succeed. Skills are also random;

you can choose between two options each time you level up, but some are noticeably better than others, so a string of bad luck could condemn you to failure despite your best intentions. I could manage to reach the second area where beefier enemies stalked the map but would promptly get my robotic ass handed to me before finding the item I needed.

Embracing the Challenge – Finding My Groove

Imagine my fear when I realized I couldn’t even progress enough to live up to the game’s title – “Void Terrarium” is right there, baked into the name. I began to overthink my plan, wondering if I should have been whizzing through levels and ignoring everything to simply get ahead. Of course, that was a stupid idea. The real solution was to ‘git gud.’ And by this, I mean simply not giving up. I became more strategic about the skills I picked and used my items better. It was half-past one in the morning when I finally crafted my terrarium.

I had stayed awake, tucked up in bed with my Nintendo Switch, determined not to sleep until I had made it that far. You’d think that by that point, I couldn’t wait to put the game “Void Terrarium” down and get some rest, but I was invested. I’d finally found my groove with the game, and the burst of serotonin from my small accomplishment had me eager for more.

Adorable Style and Delightfully Weird Gameplay

There’s something undeniably appealing about the adorable style of Void Terrarium 2. The hand-drawn visuals offer the same gentle charm of children’s book illustrations. This is what captured my attention in the first place, as the game “Void Terrarium” is overloaded with cuteness. Robbie, a sweet little robot, is tasked with caring for a human girl named Toriko, with the help of his friend factoryAI, which manifests as various uwu faces on a monitor.

You can decorate the terrarium Toriko lives in, crafting weird and wonderful furnishings, machines, and tools to create the perfect little environment. There’s even the opportunity to plant seeds and harvest crops based on temperature and humidity. You must also keep the terrarium clean, clothe, feed, and ensure Toriko is happy and healthy. Even the enemies you face when venturing out into the wasteland to collect resources are fairly adorable.

While away from Toriko, you can interact with her via a Tamagotchi-like screen to clean up her poop, feed her, and play with her. It’s all very childlike and lovable, on the surface at least. But don’t be fooled – Void Terrarium 2 has a dark side. Despite the post-apocalyptic setting and the responsibility of taking care of the last remaining human, the game delves into twisted narratives.

The VR world introduces a third element to the gameplay, where you piece together memory shards that allow you to explore an 8-bit recreation of the human world before its untimely end. The narrative touches on experiments on kids, workers pushed to their limits in bizarre ways, and even a strange fungal element. What’s that red crap growing out of Toriko’s face? There was even a point where I think I gave some parents their kid’s body parts in a box.

Nurturing and Surviving – The Challenges Continue

When you reach the point where you’re one-shotting enemies in the first areas but still have to navigate them to progress to the next, factoryAI will discover shortcuts that let you skip the zones. Robbie still starts at level one in the next tier of areas, and you venture in without the benefit of items and skills earned from those first areas. However, the stat boosts you get from crafting, alongside the introduction of Knacks and Custom Parts, should keep Robbie in decent shape to tackle new threats.

Some noticeable difficulty spikes will test you, with certain plot requests requiring you to get an item in some high-level area that means certain death. This leaves you scrambling for blueprints on every floor to increase your base stats and overall chances of success, and that’s where you’ll be spamming failed runs over and over. The real pain point is when you finally find a new blueprint, only to realize you can’t craft it yet because it requires some rare item.

A Delightful and Evolving Experience

The adorable art style and quirky concept of Void Terrarium 2 initially drew me in, but the addictive gameplay kept me hooked. Repetitive failure can sour an experience, even if that’s part and parcel of roguelites. However, Void Terrarium 2 alleviates the frustration a little by offering a blend of genres and regularly evolving gameplay mechanics. After all, there’s nothing like taking a break to redecorate your terrarium and destress after enduring 20 failed runs.

FAQ for “Void Terrarium 2”

What is “Void Terrarium 2,” and how does it differ from the original game?

“Void Terrarium 2” is the sequel to the popular roguelike, dungeon-crawling RPG, “Void Terrarium.” In this game, players embark on a journey to explore procedurally generated dungeons, rescue a dying human, and nurture and care for a mysterious AI character called “Tori.” While it retains the core gameplay elements of the original, “Void Terrarium 2” introduces new characters, areas, and gameplay mechanics, enhancing the overall experience.

What are the new features introduced in “Void Terrarium 2”?

“Void Terrarium 2” introduces several exciting new features, including expanded character customization options, more diverse dungeons with unique challenges and rewards, additional crafting recipes, and a deeper relationship system between the protagonist and “Tori.” Moreover, the game includes a variety of new items, equipment, and abilities for players to discover and utilize during their adventures.

Can I transfer my progress from the original “Void Terrarium” to “Void Terrarium 2”?

As of the current information available, “Void Terrarium 2” does not support progress transfer from the original game. However, players who enjoyed the first game will find a similar gameplay experience with new content and improvements in the sequel.

What platforms will “Void Terrarium 2” be available on?

“Void Terrarium 2” is expected to release on multiple platforms, including PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo Switch, and PC. Specific platform availability may vary, so it’s recommended to check with the official website or your preferred gaming platform for the most up-to-date information.

Will “Void Terrarium 2” have online multiplayer or co-op features?

As of the current information available, “Void Terrarium 2” is primarily a single-player experience. While online multiplayer or co-op features have not been announced, it’s always possible that the developers may introduce additional modes or updates post-launch. Keep an eye on official announcements and updates for any future multiplayer-related news.

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